6 Things To Know About The Law And Your Rights If You Collide With A Semi

Cases involving trucks differ significantly from those involving cars. It’s easy to underestimate how serious they take the situation when dealing with a well-funded business carrier and their substantial commercial insurance firm. Because of these factors, there are a few key distinctions to be aware of.

Keeping A Journal:

If this is the case, you may be dealing with a sleep-at-the-wheel accident in which the driver was driving the truck much past his permitted hours of duty. This means they went for longer than the law allowed without taking a regular pause for sleep and rest.

Evidence From The Black Box:

Did you know that electronic crash recorders, also known as electronic data recorders, are installed in practically all late-model heavy rigs? Because they capture detailed data, these devices work similarly to black boxes on airplanes. They capture critical information about the seconds leading up to the crash in particular.

Pre-Trip Inspection Isn’t Done:

Before each day’s driving, drivers are obliged to spend a few minutes inspecting their rigs and trailers. However, drivers are aware that they are only compensated for kilometers driven, not for time spent kicking the tires. As a result, many drivers scrimp in this critical area.

Illegal And Dangerous Cell Phone Usage:

One of the first things you or your attorney should do in a trucking accident is inform the insurance carrier and trucking company that you want the mobile phone evidence preserved. Once the case is in court, your lawyer should request mobile phone records to see if the motorist was talking on the phone at the time of the accident.

Use Of Alcohol And Other Drugs:

While it is hazardous and unlawful for a truck driver to operate a vehicle while inebriated, it happens frequently. Although not necessarily alcohol, truck drivers often take and misuse uppers (over-the-counter drugs and illegally obtained prescriptions), which keep them awake for lengthy periods but diminish awareness and response time over time.

Health Issues:

Finally, many truck drivers would agree that their lifestyle is not the healthiest. 

If a trucking firm has injured you, you must move quickly to preserve evidence and engage with an attorney who understands how to obtain the compensation you deserve. Call an expert and book your private free consultation with a truck accident legal firm like Chris Hudson Law Group to understand more about your rights.


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