After A Bicycle Accident, Should You File A Claim With Your Insurance Company?

You may be able to make a bicycle accident claim under your auto insurance in many circumstances, in compliance with legislation in place to assist you in recovering medical expenses following a bicycle accident, even if you were at fault. Depending on the coverage, PIP insurance may pay a portion of your medical bills, missed earnings, and other expenditures. If the other party was irresponsible and caused your accident, you can also claim with their insurance carrier.

When Should You File A Lawsuit?

After a bicycle accident, filing a claim can be difficult, and the claims adjuster may try to deny you compensation. At the absolute least, insurance companies will attempt to pay you the very minimum authorized by your policy.

You will need to launch a lawsuit against the persons who caused your accident if you want compensation for your mental suffering or any other damages not covered by PIP insurance. A bicycle accident lawyer can assist you in fighting for your entitlement to balance while also offering legal advice throughout your case.

After A Bicycle Accident, Keep Track Of Your Expenses:

Your claim’s subject will deliberately try to discredit your version of events to avoid having to reimburse you. Lawyers will better represent your losses in your ultimate settlement if you submit more proof. As a result, you should begin gathering records, receipts, and witness testimony as soon as feasible. It might be as essential as a hospital bill or as complex as a declaration from a mental health specialist.

Economic Damages:

It is straightforward to document your economic losses. You’ll need to gather documentation that shows all of your accident-related expenditures. Most firms will have a complete record of their transactions on hand, which we may get upon request. It might be far more difficult to document your non-economic losses. Mental suffering, for example, has no universal worth since it differs from victim to victim. Because each bicycle accident victim has gone through their own set of difficulties, they must appropriately modify the monetary value of your case.

Speaking with an experienced bicycle accident lawyer like Gibson Hill can provide you with the information you need to safeguard your rights throughout your compensation fight. Throughout your case, your attorney will advise you on who to communicate with and who to avoid. Fortunately, an experienced attorney can relieve some of the tension at this challenging time.


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