Can I get permanent eyeliner with Trichotillomania?

Trichotillomania or trich is a medical condition. Trich causes a strong urge in people to pull out their hair from the scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes. People suffering from this disorder often wonder if they can get permanent eyeliner or similar semi permanent makeup. The answer to this depends on each individual case. If you are suffering from trich and want to get permanent eyeliner then you should speak to a specialist.

People suffering from trich often feel ashamed and depressed because pulling out hair from eyebrows and eyelashes can distort the appearance of the face. Semi permanent makeup like permanent eyeliner has actually helped people suffering from trichotillomania. With permanent eyeliner you can have beautiful looking eyelashes and it’ll definitely boost your self confidence. It will also help you to save the time spent for makeup in the morning and you can sneak in a few extra minutes of sleep.

The appearance of full eyebrows and lush eyelashes can be restored by semi permanent make up. Permanent eyeliner is made by implanting ink pigments into the skin. It is not actually permanent and it fades away over time. A good permanent eyeliner can last up to three years. You can say goodbye to anxiety caused by trich as long as you have permanent eyeliner to highlight your eyelashes. You can choose the shape and colour of the permanent eyeliner that suits you the best. It can produce long lasting and realistic results to give you a natural look.

But people should think twice before getting permanent eyeliner if they suffer from severe trichotillomania. Such people can face a strong urge to pick off the healing tattoo. This can seriously affect the outcome and a person might be stuck with a botched tattoo around the eye. You should seek professional advice to help you take the decision.

If everything goes well, permanent eyeliner might be a perfect remedy for your trich. You won’t obsess over your eyelashes and feel more relaxed. It can provide a much needed boost to your self esteem.