Follicum Looking Beyond Hair Loss Treatment — What’s In It For You?

Hair loss has been growing at a crazy pace among people of all age groups and genders. Unlike a few decades back, now people as young as their 20s start experiencing hair loss due to several reasons like pattern baldness, underlying diseases like cancer, thyroid, and lack of proper nutrition in food.

Whatever be the reason, if you experience hair loss, you must take note of it at earliest. The sooner you get in touch with a hair care expert, the easier it will be for you to control this problem. To know more about how that can be done, you can check out the home page of ScalpNation and move forward accordingly. 

Meanwhile, many healthcare agencies and privately funded startups have started conducting a wide range of studies to know the exact reason for hair loss and prevent it before things get out of control. One such name that has got a lot of attention recently is Follicum. 

Established in 2011, Follicum has been running clinical trials on mice to analyze the effects that a modified protein has with regard to hair growth. Initially, they struggled to get funds to continue their clinical trials, but now that things have fallen in place, there is a strong possibility of them finding out a way to control hair loss and increase hair growth in those patients who go bald way too early in their lives. 

Follicum’s lead product, named FOL-005, has gone through multiple stages of trials, and the team behind it is hopeful about launching a medicine soon that will permanently fix hair loss.

While the world waits for the drug to hit the market, Follicum is working hard on one more drug named FOL-014, which is even better than FOL-005. Stay tuned for more updates on both these drugs.