What are the Risks of Microblading?

Microblading is used to shape eyebrows by using a kind of cosmetic tattoo. If you are thinking of getting Microbladed eyebrows then you should know the risks of Microblading. Though any issue with microblading can be improved through microblading correction.


In microblading there is penetration of skin by needles. This increases the chances of infection if sanitary procedures are not followed. Bacteria on the equipment can cause skin infection. Serious infectious diseases can be contracted like HIV, herpes and hepatitis. But these risks are not side effects of the microblading process rather they can be caused by carelessness of the artist. Use of unsterilised needles and equipment is the leading cause of infections. Approach well trained professionals for microblading to avoid the risk of infection.

Allergic Reaction

Pigments are implanted into the skin for microblading. Although these pigments are generally considered safe but in rare cases the pigments may cause an allergic reaction. To avoid this risk you can ask the artist about the pigments they use and make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.


Repetitive puncturing of skin by fine needles can cause inflammation, especially in case of sensitive skin. Some people may develop inflammatory knots called Granulomas around the microbladed area. It can happen even years after the procedure. But this problem can be managed by use of antibiotics. In rare cases, microblading can also cause scars and keloids.


Microblading is semi-permanent and fades away in about three years. But you may want to remove it earlier. This can be an issue because microblading is basically tattoos on your face. There can be distortion of cheap permanent makeup. If cheap pigments are used then the makeup can go awry.


Some people can be left dissatisfied by the semi permanent makeup. Sometimes the results of microblading are not as expected. The colour of the pigments used may not match the natural hair colour of the person. But these issues can be sorted through microblading correction. To avoid dissatisfaction, don’t rush into the procedure and choose carefully.