An adult must intervene and file a personal injury claim on behalf of a child who has been injured in an accident. The next friend is the adult who does so. In most circumstances, the child’s next buddy is the child’s parent or guardian. It’s not unusual for other family members to jump in and file a claim as well.

Call The Emergency Services For Your Child:

Parents must stress that receiving medical help for the child should always be the priority. Some injuries may appear mild, and the kid may appear to be unaffected. Even so, there may be something worth investigating. Any concerns regarding the child’s safety will be addressed by the medical professional.

The Board Of Injuries:

Obtaining medical documentation from the hospital or doctor who assisted the kid is a crucial first step. The next buddy must fill out an Injuries Board Form A after receiving the medical report. The next friend should then send the paperwork together with the medical information to the Injuries Board with the help of a lawyer. The only sorts of injuries that the Injuries Board does not consider are those involving medical malpractice.

Payment For A Claim Settlement:

A significant distinction between lawsuits involving adults and those involving children is how claim settlement payments are made. The youngster can only get the money after they reach the age of 18 once the court authorizes the settlement. The kid in issue can then apply with the courts to obtain the funds.

Statute Of Limitations:

The time restriction is two years in the case of any accidents involving minors. However, once the youngster reaches the age of 18, the clock begins to tick.

As a rule, personal child injuries should be sought as soon as possible so that the attorney may get the required proof. This rule also applies when the solicitor obtains witness statements while the injury/accident is still fresh in their minds. As a result, it’s a good idea to contact a legal company like The Benton Law Firm as soon as possible.  


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